Tell me why

The mass majority of people

Only seek

Their own gain

To get laid

To get paid

To get made
At the expense of anyone in their way

No matter what they think

Or feel

They get

Hearts get wrecked

Ambitions get tarnished

Destroyed, even

Lack of care infects

Everything it touches
Yet, what is the antidote?
When’s the last time

We did something for someone else

Just because?

Because we didn’t need anything

And they did?
When’s the last time

We received something from someone else

Simply because?

Because they chose to give it

And we humbled ourselves to admitting

That we needed it?
Why do we dance the politically correct dance

With bubbles up around us

To not allow anyone too close

To make us look shiny and good

To protect us from potential harm?

What will it take to let the guard down?
What is the antidote?
One must understand the love of God

For ones own self

To ones own self

Before any other love can be considered

Or given

Or received


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