The Simple Heart 2 - Aubrey Eicher

a collaborative conversation

Dear one, you are still a child. Don’t look at this in terms of a maturity level judged by the world around you. This has nothing to do with your image but your relationship to Me. You are My child, ever-learning, ever-experimenting. You are a scientist, testing new hypotheses daily. Do not blame yourself for the wounds the darkness has afflicted upon you. The darkness intended to destroy you, and since it did not, it resolved to seek you as an ally, to keep you in its dark misery’s grasp. Cold. Isolated. Unfeeling. Afraid. Do not adapt to the world’s way of thinking.

If a child is abused, it is easier for the child to realize that it was not at fault for the abuser’s actions against them. But if an adult is abused, it becomes a much hairier situation for the adult to not on some level take responsibility for the other person’s actions.

Don’t buy in. Don’t give in. Sell all the lies you’ve bought and stowed away in your closets and follow Me.

Children bounce right back. They don’t take it personal. They realize the difference between “your problem” and “their problem,” and usually deem you as having the problem.

Life is simple. The world makes it complicated in an effort to “one-up” one another, or “fit in,” or “seem smarter, more intellectual, more responsible, put together,” etc, basically, this is an alliance with the world’s way of doing things. Image, facade, superficial. It lacks substance, and its people crack at some point (cue mid-life crises).

Life is simple. It can be easy, too, if we take off the worldly “adult” thinking cap and break our hearts out of the prison we’ve found ourselves in. Simple. Love God, love others, love ourselves. All other details are details. Embrace His path. “A person may plan his path, but ADONAI directs his steps.” (Prov 16:9)

Don’t allow anything to stick to you anymore – I’ve washed you clean, covered you in oil, like wax, that no dirt will stick. You are anointed with My oil, my joyful child. No more striving 🙂 Try softer. You’ve even got Rain-X on your eyes, that through the storms you may see, that your visibility may not be hindered .. you see as I see.

The Simple Heart - Aubrey Eicher


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