12.17.20105 - Aubrey Eicher


It’s raining, it’s pouring
I threw on my sweats and hoofed it
Out to see the day, headphones in ears
What did I do with all of these years
Internal speculations got me growing, got me breathing
Tryna turn my mind off and start living, just start being


Self care can be exhausting if you don’t use for what it’s worth

The value of a being from the Creator comes it’s worth

Fascinating tale of a life as it unfolds
I’m trying hard to listen through the crowds and the abodes
The tasks of life are menial, or meaningful at best
A purpose driven life amounts to nothing without rest
Time to be, time to see
time to explore what makes me, me
Maybe alone may be with a Friend
Maybe in crowds we can seem to contend
To wrestle with being and seeing and feeling
To finally win against pressures so fleeting
Press in and win, give in and lose
Lose an existence in being a muse
At the end of the day I’m reminded and say
“I’m making progress each step of the way”
No longer obsessing over facts, figures, numbers
But making time count expressing it under
My sweats
My breath
My thoughts
My heart
My life.

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