This picture means nothing.

What I mean, is: I was searching for one that I was hoping I took when staying the night in Laguna, Costa Rica. This is Laguna, but not the doorknob I was looking for, obviously.

Story: It took me a good 30 minutes to figure out how to open the door to the cabin because the lock and knob were unlike anything I had ever opened before. After standing in the cold, wind, and rain, then frantically calling the owner of the grounds, I figured it out myself. She showed up shortly after.

Moral of the story: when one door closes, stay open minded as to what the next door looks like. Most often, it will be different than our current understanding will expect, and we can miss out on a lot of joy and succumb to a lot of frustration if we aren’t creative in our thinking and open to what the next door may look like.


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