I once felt judged that I was not enough – not sexy enough, not educated enough, not financially buffeted enough, not successful enough. 

It fueled destructive patterns that I would create to attain these things in order to please those whom I felt negatively judged by. 

What I learned about myself – and not only about myself but about you, whomever you are reading this – the incredible, liberating truth – is that I am, we are, perfect, right now, just the way we are. We need not perform to attain love or acceptance. These things are not purchasable – they are only received and given, and felt. 

Love and accept YOU – in all your “good,” your “bad,” and your otherwise. You need not be different for anyone but your own self, should you decide to be so. 


One thought on “A Note on Love and Acceptance

  1. You are more than a enough. You are worthy and powerful. The only person that can say you’re not is, you. Remember your strength! I love your blog and would love if you’d check my blog out. Thanks đź’•

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