Work to become, not to acquire

Three things this morning:

  1. What you believe determines who you are.
    1. What do you believe? What is your belief system? What do you resolve yourself to do? 
  2. Who you are determines what you do.
    1. We are DRIVEN by what we believe.
  3. What you do determines who you will become.
    1. If you don’t like what you are becoming, or the path you’re on, change what you believe!
    2. People become great not because of what they do, but because of who they are!
Eyesight versus mindsight: Eyesight is judging on what you see, according to appearances. Mindsight is how you interpret what you see.
Watch this video. [Caution, you WILL get motivated!]
WHY are you doing what you are doing? What a powerful question this is to ask yourself, in everything you do!

Let me ask you, are you working to obtain something, to acquire something, or are you working to BECOME something?
If you become something, then you automatically attract to you what it is (so long as you have calculated and planned this out and taken the appropriate steps to become what attracts this) that you want!
What you become in the process is far more important than the dream.

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