Chest & Shoulders Workout

Warm up – row machine 5 min

Spider crawls
3 sets of 15

One-arm high pulley cable side bend
3 sets of 15 each

3/4 sit up
3 sets of 15

Frog crunches
3x 15

Chest (30-60 sec rest b/t sets)
Cable chest presses
3 sets of 15

Cable flyes
3 sets of 15

Shoulders (30-60s rest b/t sets)
Arnold DB press
1 warm up set
3 sets 12-15

Russian twist
1 warm up set
3 sets 12-15

Overhead slam
60 sec
(how many can you do in 60 sec?)

Front DB raise/upright row super
1 warm up set
3 sets @ 10-12 reps

3 sets 12-15 reps

Cool down – row machine 5 min

You want to be using a heavy enough weight/resistance for each of these exercises so that you fatigue by the last rep.

Let me know your feedback and how you and your muscles like it!



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