(Desires) of your heart

We all have things that we have wanted to see come to pass. Deep within ourselves, ever since we were young. If you dig it up, if you seek them out, know will know what I am talking about – those incredible desires you have ALWAYS wanted.

Maybe it’s a great relationship. Maybe it’s a level of success. Maybe it’s peace that can’t be shaken by anything that comes your way. Maybe it’s to be superman. Or other things!

Maybe it’s all of the above.

I learned and linked two Scriptures a few years ago pertaining to this: one from the Old Testament of the Bible and one from the New Testament. It’s a journey that God has taken me on for quite some time now.

Psalm 37:4 meets Matthew 6:33.

“Delight yourself in the Lord,

and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33

I have always contemplated why it is that we desire what we do. I don’t desire to be an astronaut, per se. So, I don’t have the permission or the calling to do that work. However, I do desire to be very successful in arenas that I have been placed in, such as fitness, and motivating/inspiring people, and music. These are desires, I believe, that God has placed within my heart to see them come to pass. I do have permission to move in these areas, and have seen doors open seemingly effortlessly time and time again. I have no choice but to say, “God made this happen,” because there was no way that I could have orchestrated it myself.

Seeking God is the prerequisite. Years ago, not too many years, really only two and some change, I found myself truly seeking God for what I should do with my life. I was in a relationship that was not good, and in a line of work that provided me with valuable experience, but did not provide me with fulfillment and the sense of calling upon it.

Seeking is a true action verb: when I say, “seek,” I mean, “don’t let up until you get your answer.” Like a bulldog latch on and don’t let go until you see it.

From a young age, I have walked with god, even when I did not know it. Even when I did not understand it. I guess, truly, I was not walking with Him, but rather, He with me. It was not until I joined Him in His purposes and sought out His desires and understanding that rubber met the road.

Today, as I continue to seek to walk with Him and do what He would have me to do, in the understanding that He knows best for me, He has incredible plans only for my good, I am constantly amazed at the things He leads me to do. Sometimes, these things defy conventional logic, but ultimately, pave the way for my purpose and the purposes of everyone involved’s alignment and accomplishment.

Today’s Dare: Make your deepest desires and requests known to God. Write them down, so that you can remember what you have said and reference back to them when He brings them back up. Oh, and be specific. Do it as though everything you ask for will come to pass.

God has good plans for ALL people. Who will be bold and crazy enough to believe Him?

love you!


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