Aubrey Eicher - Perspective (Focus) - Blessing Others

Ever had one of those weeks where it seems like life just HITS you upside the head? I am sure. There is NO way that I am the only one. 😀 I hope not, anyway! Ha.

What is our natural tendency when life hits? To internalize. To go into our shell? We wonder at times in life why people act the way they do – are rude, maybe cut you off in traffic, maybe argue with you over something insignificant, etc, maybe quite possibly it is because they are going through life. We can go from being outward-focused to inward-focused, a sort of survival-mode to just get through the situation/day/week.

I am going through my own week from hell and then I run into a friend whose father is in the hospital getting an operation done for cancer. A serious procedure. And here I am, wrapped up in my own pity party of hurt – when the world around me is, like I said, going through life as well.

It is much more satisfying and fulfilling to take my focus off of my own self and help others in need. There’s plenty of need around. I still need to heal, also, but in an amazing kind of way, I usually find chunks of that healing through other people.

Relationships are symbiotic – mutually beneficial, mutually healing. I have found that even if I am the one who seems to be in the position of always giving, I find myself receiving so much more that the other person really wasn’t even intentionally thinking about imparting to me.

Today’s Dare: Take your focus off of yourself and your situations and look around to those around you. How can you show you care? How can you help?

Love heals.

love you!


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