Look up. You may not know what you might be missing.
Look up. You may not know what you might be missing.

“A glad heart makes a cheerful face, but by sorrow of heart the spirit is crushed.” Proverbs 15:13

Have you ever noticed that you can “see” emotions and thoughts on people? In their eyes, on their face, we can see hope, life, excitement, love, contentment and peace. Or, we can see discouragement, frustration, unhappiness, anger, pain, and hurt.

When we see these things in others, what do we do? If we see someone who is down, we can relate to their feelings, you and I both know it. But why don’t we sometimes? Is it “too much work?” Is it “not our place?” My thought is, if they are in your view, if they are in your circle of influence in some way or fashion, try and do what you can; do whatever you find is appropriate for the situation and relationship.

What I really wanted to tackle in this post was our own countenances. When we “put on a face,” drop our head, throw our sunglasses on (and “hide”), how do we feel? If we are going through some LIFE, how can we help snap out of it and refocus?

Our emotions are valid, and are great temperature gauges for what is going on in our lives. But, truth be told, we are meant to be THERMOSTATS, not THERMOMETERS! We are each called to be influencers of our circumstances and situations, not influenced by them. Situations and circumstances come and go. You’ve heard it before – what we DO about them is what makes a difference.

Everything situation that we encounter is a learning experience, but not only that – it is meant to help create a path for others to follow to victorious living.

Today’s Dare:  Look around you in your environments: home, work, social .. is there anyone who needs lifted up? Reach out and offer your love, care, and help. Do not worry if they don’t want it or don’t accept it. (That is not your responsibility, you cannot control their response). If you find yourself in a place where you are down, lift your head. Begin to think on higher things – what were you doing BEFORE the storm came? It may be a indicator of where your thoughts need to go. (I’ll share more on this in another post soon).

No man is an island. We are in this together.

love you!


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