Aubrey Eicher - UnlearnedA few months ago, when I moved, by default I performed a type of inventory – a subconscious-turned-intentional assessment of all the things I have and their usefulness. Having about 85% of my belongings in a storage locker for 3 months changed my perspective on what I really needed, and what I didn’t. Upon clearing out the locker, I happily gave away old dishes, clothing, and random odds and ends that were simply taking up space.

It feels good to travel light.

What is interesting to me today in my thoughts is how the average person does not do this same inventory and purge with the knowledge and perspectives we acquire from our experiences.

Let’s say I invite you over for a cup of coffee. Or tea. Or Kombucha, haha. We’re standing around the island in my kitchen and I give you a cup. (Random side note, this is a pretty fair-sized cup, generous, because, who in America enjoys a small glass of anything?) Anyway, I pour your cup full. Then, I continue pouring. And pouring. It’s going everywhere. (Do you start to think I am nuts?) You ask me to stop, “It’s overfull, no more will go in!”

Isn’t this just like our minds? If we are so full of our own opinions and perspective and thoughts of what we think is truth, how can we ever learn anything else?

In order to receive more, in order to receive new, we must, first, empty the cup.

What is the tallest mountain in the world?

Mt. Everest?

Actually, no. We are correct in saying that the summit of Mount Everest is the highest point above sea level than any other mountain. It extends 8850 meters above sea level. But, the tallest mountain in the world, is actually Mauna Kea, in Hawaii. It is over 10000 meters tall from base to summit. Its base sits about 6000 meters below sea level. (Dang!)

You see, the problem with having a full cup, is that we stop learning when we think we know the answer. We shut our brains off. It’s an automatic reaction. The cup is full, therefore, we no longer need to fill it.

But what if, just like purging our homes of the less than useful items we have acquired, or, hoarded, throughout the years, we did the same with our minds?

Today’s dare: Empty your cup.

Love ya!


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