How much of our lives are spent trying to make it look like we have it all together? This self-image, self-pedestal producing mindset .. It is self-destroying. Sooner or later we will each come to the realization that 1. We don’t have it all together, 2. We won’t have it all together, 3. We can’t have it all together, and 4. No one else has it all together, either.

So what then? This realization is a gift. Maybe a painful one. Probably a painful one, because it digs at the core of who we are, and who we are trying to be. A gift? Yes, indeed ..

We all fall short. And that is where God comes in. It’s the place where we surrender and realize that we can’t do life without Him. It’s the place where we can come to Him on our faces and ask for forgiveness. We cannot forgive ourselves. Seeing our shortcomings and mistakes and even outright crimes versus our own works of righteousness has the power to save us because we seek Him for help with it.

Until we see it, we won’t seek that help from Him with it. And until we seek His help with it, we won’t experience His compassion and forgiveness for us THROUGH it, which we must come to the place of accepting and believing Him for in faith. We can’t touch it, we can’t put it in our pockets, but we can certainly feel it and experience it very tangibly. It is undeniably real.

It’s a beautiful and strategic operation done by the Master Himself. It is a gift to be led to this realization and relax in it, to know, “it’s okay,” because He’s “got this.” This gift can be opened and utilized through the realization, acceptance, and embracing of it. It’s a lifelong journey.

This strategic operation is one the enemy particularly HATES, because it brings people together in arms, versus isolating them on their self-manufactured pedestals of sand.


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