Victory Sound - Aubrey Eicher


Victory Sound

It started off faint. So faint, I felt as if I had to pretend I was hearing it. But it was real, I couldn’t deny it.

You know, faith. I have heard about this song, this song of victory. But I wondered, did it exist? I believed it did. I’d been told of its existence. You know, that blind kind of faith where you hear a whisper from God and believe it to be true in the midst of incredible turbulence and turmoil. “Nothing around me looks like this glory You speak of, Lord!” “Oh, but look again, look again, My sweet child.”

What if the circumstances of our life – the less-than-positive situations – are actually meant to put a spotlight on God and to cause us to search Him out because of them? I won’t pretend to know for certain that this is applicable for those who have maybe had a close loved one pass on recently, or those who have children diagnosed with terminal illnesses, for example .. However, this one thing I know – that God and His glory through Jesus Christ have redeemed many a trial in my life – and even today, I am singing the song of victory with my King!

Have you considered that the place of your toughest struggle may be meant to be the place of your greatest victory?

Can you hear it? It’s getting louder .. it’s getting closer ..

“Then he touched their eyes and said, ‘According to your faith let it be done to you’;” Matt 9:29 NIV


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