The Happy Dialogue
Dream: prison. Solo cell at first .. or is it? Solid concrete blocks painted white, dirty from years of existence – wait, are they solid? The walls are melting down. Is this a person talking to me, or is it an angel? I thought I was alone in here.
Concrete walls that then appear as though they don’t reach the ceiling. Standing on the bed, I can peek over the top of the wall now! It’s another cell – but it has a small group of people in it – multiple beds. People are talking. It, or, my cell, was quiet before. I think it’s after dinner. I see an older gentleman (50’s/60’s, but worn out and tired) in the process of lying down to rest. This person or being that is in my cell – wait’ is there more than one bed in here? I think now there’s two. It’s like this place is transforming before my eyes.
I hear more people on the opposite side of my cell .. and, wow, this wall is hardly even a barrier anymore! I don’t have to get up on the bed to look over top on this side, it is maybe only 3′ tall, now! The room I am now overlooking into does not even look like a cell in this prison, but more of a rec room, a mostly empty, oddly shaped space, and, there’s a group of people! An instructor is to the right, it appears they are going to begin a workout class. What are they all wearing? I don’t remember. The detail does not come to my mind. Was it important? Is it significant that it was not distinguishable?
There’s a lead girl to the left of everyone, in the oddly-shaped room’s corner (who builds a room with a 40 degree angled corner in it?). She begins the movements per the instructor’s (whom is also indistinguishable – where is he now, where did he go?). My “cell mate” and I watch as not an exercise session unfolds, but dancing! These individuals are dancing with each other! the coordinated spin and twist this girl just did with one of the others, who resembled a man, was beautiful and amazing and everyone was having a grand time! They were loving it and laughing, cheering, and participating in the joy.
It looks like so much fun! I want to join in! May I? Forget these walls – they have melted down! Would they mind if they joined? I don’t think so ..
But, I woke up.
Would I have joined in? Would I have allowed the walls to melt away to be with others and have the time of our lives? What is more important that I could have been doing with my time at that moment? I was in a prison cell, not interacting with anyone, I assume, until my angel friend, er, cellmate, came into the picture. I think they would have come with me, and followed me into the fun ..
Does my idea of “productivity” hold me back, my cause for purpose actually imprisoning me? What is the balance between purpose and passion? Is it a tight rope or an open field? How do they both come “into play?”

I used to dislike sleep. I thought, if only I would not have to sleep, I could accomplish so much more! Yet, I did not have the gift of these dreams back then. I didn’t think I ever had dreams, maybe on rare occasions .. then, I started paying attention, searching for them, asking for them .. It has taken me a while to embrace sleep as a gift and to see and remember my dreams .. and what a gift they truly are, right from my Father Himself! Can I remember to write them when I wake each time? I try to.

 My spirit asked as I wrote out this dream, just moments after waking, “Is this my heart?” Why yes, indeed, it appears to be so.
Will I allow the walls to melt down? ❤

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