What is “identity crafting?” Identity crafting is the concept that we have the ability within ourselves, at any given moment, to create, define, redefine, and tweak who we perceive ourselves to be, and thus, who we are to the world. It begins from the inside out. 

If we have things in our lives that hold us back or in a box and limit our feeling of pleasure and love for ourselves and the world around us, then we have the gift of ability to change it accordingly, to something that suits us better.

This can be done with anything – with health, fitness, nutrition, stress, any habit of any kind, our work, our business, our family life, our deepest relationships, and our shallowest acquaintances.

We all have a self-concept deep within us. What causes us pain is when the outside doesn’t match our inside concept.

If we can let go of the concept that we are portraying of ourselves to the world and play around with the insides of how we look at things, we can change virtually anything.

When pain comes, it is an invitation to take up a new level of inspiration and empowerment and dig to find the roots of the point of pain, and either change them, or change how we perceive them. Then we can build upon that.

Life is a journey of growth, and an adventure to be enjoyed as we learn to be who we really are – happy, loving, and free individuals that benefit all those around us and get to enjoy the fruits as well.

What could you do differently today or look at differently today to begin a chain of events that align you with who you truly wish to be and what you truly want to have?


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