I had a wonderful time chatting on Facebook live the other evening. Tune in above to watch the replay!

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

Jim Rohn

  1. Starting
    1. Finding out what you really want – make a real goal
      1. Might take time.
      2. Don’t worry about making the perfect goal first. Maybe make one to just get you started.
    2. Figuring out how to get there – make a plan
    3. Why I love doing what I do – the questions I ask and the digging I do
    4. Then ACT on the plan!
  2. Persevering
    1. Through any obstacle
    2. Remembering what is REALLY important to you
    3. Resolve
    4. Not “feeling it out” anymore – you are DOING
  3. Being your own best ally vs your own worst enemy
    1. Go within. The internal.
      1. See yourself as capable vs incapable.

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