Every one of us faces any number of obstacles each day, and the number typically is more than 0 (zero). How can we optimize how we respond to these challenges and what we do with them to use them to propel us towards our goals, rather than become a deterrent to them? Is this possible?

Yes, it absolutely is possible to change how we respond to challenges and use them to our advantage. In my video message this week, I cover 3 truths/principles to crush your obstacles and use them for your advantage.

3 Truths:

  1. Obstacles are likely.
    1. Probably guaranteed, but, don’t sit around waiting for them.
    2. This isn’t Murphy’s Law, it’s just reality.
    3. Just do you.
  2. Your navigation of them starts with your mindset.
    1. VITAL.
    2. Mindset controls what you see:
      1. Destruction
      2. Hopelessness
      3. Opportunity
    3. You are in control
      1. Many people have come from hard and humble circumstances and done great things
        1. Viktor Frankl
        2. Oprah
        3. Who in your life is an example?
      2. You are not a product of your circumstances
        1. You are a product of your choices, your decisions
          1. You can choose gratitude
          2. You can choose to use the obstacles to propel you towards where you’re looking to go.

How have you dealt with particular obstacles in the past? Will this affect how you show up to them in the present and future? I would love to hear!

I hope that you glean great value from this message and find something that you can apply today! What IS one thing that you will apply today? Let me know!

If you’re curious if I can be of help with you in your health, fitness, and wellness goals, please reach out to me. I invite you to. I’d love to have a conversation and see if there is something that I can do and explore if we may be a fit to work together in some capacity towards your goals! You CAN do it!


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