the sunrise is one of my favorite things to enjoy.
the sunrise is one of my favorite things to enjoy.

How do you start your morning? Here’s a thought for you: is there a way we can start each day. And go throughout the entire day, enjoying everything we do?

I’ve always been the type of person that searches out the fun in everything. If I have to do something, I may as well enjoy it, right? We may as well make it fun, right?

Life can be tough and as a result I feel that we, in our adult minds, have made it tougher than it is – taking it, and ourselves, a little too seriously.

Can we get back to the joy and ease of youth AND carry the responsibility of an adult?

I think so. It will look different for everyone, but I truly believe so.

Today’s dare: Take a more lighthearted look at life today. Find the silver lining in situations. Find humor. Find laughter. Can you remember back to the mindset you saw life through as a child?

Laughter is good medicine. It makes an even better vitamin. Take it daily. 🙂

love you!


2 thoughts on “Enjoy

  1. It is easier said than done but if many can do it why can’t we, right? I’ll admit it is really difficult to be happy everyday, especially during the mornings but it does make the day seem a little brighter than if we started to sulk from the time we wake up. I guess it did work for you 🙂

    1. Ill try to wake in the morning thankful to have woken up – a friend explained to me once that it really is not the alarm clock that wakes us, because take the alarm clock to the graveyard, set it off, and who gets up? No one. My best days are when i awake saying, Good morning! (Think about the implication : GOOD morning, we are calling it good! And words are powerful. Thank you foe your feedback iggy! I love talking about this stuff!

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