worker bees?
worker bees?

At what point do we get aggravated enough to simply focus on what gives us the results we want in life versus the flurry of activity or the illusion of work?

Is it about status, or desire?

Do we have to get to the point of frustration, or can we live there?

Has the hourly or salary job mindset poisoned how we view work, activity, and results?

Has this played out in other ways in our lives?

Are we too busy to think about these things?

Every so often I come to this place of frustration where I wonder what exactly it is that I do with all of my time. Every day we have 24 hours – that’s 1,440 minutes, or 86,400 seconds. What are we doing with it? Time is valuable. We only get this very moment once – and then it is transferred into a memory, the past.

Today’s dare: Do you work out of compulsion, or desire? Are you spending your time doing more of the things that you HAVE to do, or the things that you WANT to do? How could you alter that balance, if you aren’t satisfied where it is at now?

Working out of compulsion, “have to,” will always take longer than working out of desire, or, “want to.”

love you!


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