I thought the sunrise from the ground was beautiful .. the sky was a million times more breathtaking!
I thought the sunrise from the ground was beautiful .. the sky was a million times more breathtaking!

*Sigh.* Have you ever stretched yourself so incredibly thin that you become frazzled and frustrated at even the smallest things? To the point where you’re no longer effective but counterproductive, and those you adore giving attention to, you don’t even notice?

It is a TERRIBLE place to be! Ugh! In our workhorse American society, it may be taboo to take a random vacation. Or multiple vacations, for that matter. But, truth be told, aren’t these breaks in work generally always good for us?

I’d like to compare it to moving – which is something that I did recently, and am wrapping up the finishing touches on. When we move all of our belongings to another place, don’t we realize all the things we have collected over the amount of time that we lived where we were? I am always amazed at this.

Our time can get spread so many different ways by those who want to use it and by ourselves when we want to do something new!

Rest is an incredible tool we can use to recalibrate and reposition where we are, what’s important to us, our purpose or what we are truly trying to accomplish in our lives, and the priorities that need to be in place to accomplish them.

Today’s dare: Take a brain vacation for 15 minutes today. You can go longer .. maybe an hour? But at least start with 15 minutes. Rest. Relax. Intentionally. I don’t mean turn the TV on. Just be. Lay on the couch or on your bed and stare at the ceiling. Allow your thoughts to settle and just be.

Our worth is not found in what we do, but in who we were created to be.

love you!


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