First Things First

Welcome and congratulations to you for your decision to embark on this amazing journey of accomplishing and attaining your health, fitness, and wellness goals! The investment you have made in yourself is immense, admirable, and wonderful! Your first homework assignment upon deciding to begin a fitness routine is as follows: If you have not had … Continue reading First Things First

Touching your Vision

For 12+ years, I had the idea and vision in the back of my mind to travel the world. Back in high school, I took on as many languages that I could because the study of the languages and cultures fascinated me – people that lived very differently than I was familiar with and spoke … Continue reading Touching your Vision

Convergence: Expanded

Convergence: when two or more things come together to form a new whole. Imagine you've been doing all the right things. You started with a big, lofty, new vision of yourself - living healthy, fit, happy, true to yourself and your passions and desires, you have the engaging and fulfilling relationship with your partner you … Continue reading Convergence: Expanded

What I Learned about my own Power from Traveling to Costa Rica Alone

I had the intention of testing something I had been learning in the months leading up to my trip. I am a planner by nature and I was anticipating all the goodness I would glean from this first solo trip, not only externally (volcano hiking, mountains, surfing, beach, food, etc) but internally (good lord what … Continue reading What I Learned about my own Power from Traveling to Costa Rica Alone