Convergence: Expanded

Convergence: when two or more things come together to form a new whole. Imagine you've been doing all the right things. You started with a big, lofty, new vision of yourself - living healthy, fit, happy, true to yourself and your passions and desires, you have the engaging and fulfilling relationship with your partner you … Continue reading Convergence: Expanded

3 Things

Imagine a house. You know the place – the one where all the neighborhood kids, plus you, hung out. It was never immaculate. Sure, you were not to touch the china closet, or go in the adults’ bedroom, but those were pretty much the only off-limits areas. Who wanted to mess with either of those … Continue reading 3 Things


What do you think of when you see the word or think of riches? What is "being rich" to you? Is it having enough to just get by, be it money, food, housing, material items? Is it having more than enough, an abundance to enjoy? Is it having so much that your "cup runs over" … Continue reading Riches