Convergence: when two or more things come together to form a new whole.

Imagine you’ve been doing all the right things.

You started with a big, lofty, new vision of yourself – living healthy, fit, happy, true to yourself and your passions and desires, you have the engaging and fulfilling relationship with your partner you want, and are basically on cloud nine.

You broke it down from there and set specific goals for the attainment of all the parts of this vision for yourself – you got an exercise plan, a nutrition plan, a self-development plan, and a relational-development plan (how to not only attract the right person but allow them to stick around in your life).

me in 2010 when I had just picked up running. life was .. very different back then ..

You started on one goal at a time, making small, seemingly minuscule adjustments to how you live your life on a daily basis.

You took action. One action built on another, and you kept working at it.

Sometimes, you “failed.” Sometimes, you failed in a BIG way. But you got back up, picked up the pieces, made alterations to your approaches and habits, and kept on going, vision still in mind. You refused to get discouraged. Nothing would hold you back from your potential because you couldn’t imagine settling for anything less in your life. That was the only failure defined by you – giving up on your vision.

finishing my first triathlon in 2013

Then, after time and time and time again, and what seemed like was an eternity at the time, something happened – you looked back after years and saw that who you were when you began your journey was an entirely different person than who you are today. Maybe you have a lot of the pieces of your vision in place, maybe just a few. But, you see definitive progress, and that excites you, so you kept going.

Enter the noun: convergence. Convergence is this beautiful place where you finally see all of these pieces come together into the vision you set out to create. It’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen, not only because you created it in your mind, looked at it often, and thought about it much, but because you yourself created it – you envisioned and fashioned it, and did the hard little tedious internal works to make it all happen.

today: happy, healthy, fit in a balanced way, enjoying the continuous journey of health in all areas of life!

Many people came around you and helped you along the way, because no single person is an island. Much of the world wants to help you to get what you want, if you do it in a way that benefits all those around you. And, aren’t you more impactful and interconnected when you’re happier, too?

Wherever you are in the journey (and sometimes we are all in multiple places at once!), embrace it and know it is a beautiful thing to create the life you imagine here in this world. Take this as encouragement to always continue on. Don’t get bogged down by disappointment, bitterness, or anger.

Learn from everything and pick your project of life back up again. It’s worth it. And, you are, too.


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