A Note on Love and Acceptance

I once felt judged that I was not enough - not sexy enough, not educated enough, not financially buffeted enough, not successful enough.  It fueled destructive patterns that I would create to attain these things in order to please those whom I felt negatively judged by.  What I learned about myself - and not only … Continue reading A Note on Love and Acceptance

“Emotional” Workout

Have you ever had one of those really tough days that just seemed to drain you? Perhaps that day (or series of days, let’s be real here) wasn’t physically demanding, but there was so much going on that by the end of it, you felt utterly exhausted. I have been there, and am there, often. … Continue reading “Emotional” Workout

Thoughts on “Identity Crafting”

What is “identity crafting?” Identity crafting is the concept that we have the ability within ourselves, at any given moment, to create, define, redefine, and tweak who we perceive ourselves to be, and thus, who we are to the world. It begins from the inside out.    If we have things in our lives that hold … Continue reading Thoughts on “Identity Crafting”